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"Life is in the Transitions" - Bruce Feiler

A Genuine Love Story

Our story is about two passionate hearts that have united across oceans. John from the United States and Sylvie from France, certified professional coaches, merge their cultures, lives, and stories to ignite a shared mission: To unlock your greatest potential, reveal your life's purpose, and unveil a realm of endless possibilities. Our coaching practice embodies this extraordinary tale.

Your experiences have shaped the person you see in the mirror. Much of who you are is tied directly to what happened to you. Like you, I've faced tough times, and the process of healing my wounds ultimately led me to become a life coach.

I started life as a fatherless, dark-skinned, bi-racial Mexican kid growing up in predominantly white communities. I often felt the emptiness and isolation of being excluded from the group. I became a target for bullying including sexual assault by an older neighborhood kid.  As a child, I didn't understand why I was different or why I faced such trauma—I just wanted to be accepted. All this created a storyline of being unlovable.

Today, we know that early-life trauma shapes our self-perception and defines our place in the world. For much of my life, my decisions were influenced by an unconscious belief that I was unlovable.  I was imprisoned in my past until I realized I didn't have to suffer. I discovered the power to change my thinking, and my life was transformed.

Acceptance and commitment to change cast a bright light on my inner demons, revealing them for what they were. This light illuminated a new path for me. Now, I help others find this light to reveal the path to their new life.

How do I know this process works? The proof is in the results. I am now living my best life, married to my wonderful French wife, living in France, exploring new and exciting places, and meeting wonderful people, all while engaging in my heart’s desire to help others find their best lives.

You are so much more than your trauma. You are not defined by your regrets. You don't have to struggle against the demons whispering a false story in your mind’s ear. You have a much brighter story to create. You can live the life you want. Let me help you find the switch to turn on the bright light in your life.

Meet Sylvie, the catalyst for peace and harmony in your world. With expertise in career discovery, overcoming life's challenges, and uncovering life's purpose, she is dedicated to helping you find your true calling. Sylvie has collaborated with the prestigious UQac (University of Quebec), delving into ethics, and has employed the Talent Reveal coaching method to empower individuals seeking career transitions.


Sylvie's obtained coaching certification from Erickson International Coaching School, an ICF-accredited institute, and has developed proficiency in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Her training and extensive experience in leadership and Human Resources help to drive her clients towards higher levels of success.


Sylvie's toolkit includes positive psychology and non-violent communication techniques, ensuring transformative journeys. Fueling her spirit, she rejuvenates through exhilarating skiing adventures and immersing herself in the rejuvenating embrace of nature.

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