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Our Mental and Emotional Health are Critical to fulfilling our Retirement Dreams

Last week, we reached out to the vibrant community of the New Boomer Network and posed a question that delved into the heart of our concerns: “What do you fear might wield the most profound impact on your personal journey over the next 2-5 years?” Reflecting on it, perhaps we could have framed it as, “What do you fear might cast the largest shadow over your dreams of retirement?” In response, we were fortunate to receive a cascade of thoughtful and vulnerable insights that truly touched us. The strength and courage exhibited by our members in the face of health adversities left us humbled and inspired.

Two central themes emerged in the comments: health and connection. Today, I'd like to continue this conversation centered around the theme of health. A few of our remarkable Boomers shared their battles with major health issues, highlighting the resilience that has been cultivated over a lifetime of experiences. As we step into this phase of life, we carry the battle scars of our past struggles as reminders of our life’s journey. Personally, I had envisioned retirement as a time of tranquility and healing, a period to mend those enduring scars and to savor the wisdom that accompanies survival.

We've invested heavily in our physical health throughout the years, a testament to our dedication. However, as time marches on, age and the echoes of our past lifestyles sometimes introduce new challenges. Despite our best efforts to lead healthy lives, the passage of time inevitably exerts its influence on our bodies. Our fellow Boomers' accounts stand as testament to this universal truth. While we've poured our efforts into maintaining our physical well-being, we've inadvertently left a void in nurturing our mental and emotional health. It's an aspect often overlooked by our culture. Regrettably, we allocate significantly less time to tending to our mental health compared to our physical fitness.

The journey of life is dotted with solitude, setbacks, and the sting of rejection. Triumphing over these trials hinges on the state of our emotional well-being. And then there's the insidious habit of rumination – the persistent, repetitive dwelling on thoughts and memories. It's akin to replaying past events, especially those colored by failure, until our minds are enshrouded in negativity. This emotional state dictates our feelings and ultimately steers our actions. Unfortunately, rumination serves as a prelude to a range of maladies such as depression, alcoholism, and even cardiovascular issues. In my personal experience, excessive rumination lays the groundwork for depression, a state that I've sometimes tried to alleviate through self-medication with alcohol. It's a downward spiral that's all too familiar.

However, there are strategies to avert the clutches of rumination. The compulsion to ruminate can be overpowering, potentially derailing our best intentions. It begins with recognizing when our thoughts are veering into this cycle. At that crucial moment, we must acknowledge the situation and identify it for what it is – a pitfall I call the "Tar Pit," evoking the sensation of being mired in a thick, unyielding, sticky substance. When I feel my thoughts inching toward this territory, I assertively declare, "I'm on the brink of the tar pit." This proclamation serves as a reaffirmation that I'm regaining control over my thoughts.

My explorations into the realm of Positive Intelligence have shown me the power of naming and acknowledging these unhealthy mental processes. When we put a name to them, they become tangible, manageable entities. Remarkably, a mere two-minute diversion from rumination can prevent its grip from tightening. So, when the urge to ruminate beckons, I counter it with a firm assertion: "There's the tar pit, but not this time." In that instant, I channel my focus purposefully onto something else. Through simple yet potent exercises, I've acquired the tools to redirect my mental energy and elude the clutches of these emotional tar pits.

If these insights intrigue you, I'm thrilled to share these exercises that have transformed my perspective and outlook. Let's embark on this journey of mental clarity and emotional well-being together.

We welcome you comments and would love to get your feedback. Contact us here through our website or email us at


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