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You know, you have value

I love the thought of being a writer. I want to be a writer, to walk around the house in my beige cardigan sweater and favorite jeans and slippers. To make my way to my oxblood leather wingback chair strategically placed near the window overlooking the valley and directly across from the fireplace. Naturally, I have a cup of coffee in hand. I am in deep contemplation, formulating the next incredible message I must deliver to a needy world. I make my way to my writing desk in the study as the snow begins to fall across the valley. I’m surrounded by the many books I have read or mostly haven’t. Yes, this is my dream of a wonderful day in the life of John.

The thing is, I have a writing project, a book, I have been “working” on, for nearly 3 years. A lifetime, really. I have put many ideas and thousands of words into the computer and somewhere out there in the cloud are those thousands of words waiting to be shaped into a cohesive storyline. Some of what I have created is pretty good. Some of it is, well, just not good. The point is that I have written much but I have no tangible product to deliver. I look out the window and take in the amazing colors of fall. I think about how soon all these spectacularly brilliant leaves will have fallen from their host tree. All will become barren. All will be frigid. Will this be how my book project winds up? Once a beautiful idea only to fall from my mind to become frigid, frozen, and lost?

Maybe my book project has completed its intended objective. Maybe its purpose was just for me. This project even in its unfinished state has given birth to my own incredible transformation. I have learned so much about who I am, and who I am not, through the hours of research and thought I have invested in this book. It has changed me, and I am forever grateful. I like who I have become. I now know it is who I have been all along. I just had to believe it.

We humans seem to be driven by a compulsive need to produce something that is recognized by others as having value. Something that will finally confirm our significance, to finally demonstrate to the world that we are worthy. We need to define our unique contribution to mankind and to make our mark. To create our legacy.

You have a legacy project in you that needs to be developed. It may be that its purpose is only for you. Perhaps it will be for the world. Either way, it has value. You have value. You are worthy. You always have been.


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Jul 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent!! Your words made me think!!

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